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Burn Injury Lawyer


Victims who endure burn injuries from fires or accidents undergo severe physical and emotional distress, that may lead to high medical expenses, lost income, and significant lifestyle changes. The best thing for a burn victim to do is contact a burn injury lawyer immediately.


When someone faces a fire or burn injury, their life can be greatly affected. The situation worsens when it’s not their fault. It might be due to a landlord’s failure to adhere to fire safety regulations, an establishment like a restaurant or hotel not meeting safety standards, or the use of defective products or unsafe work environments.


If negligence by another person causes life-altering harm, you have the right to seek accountability. This can involve seeking compensation for medical costs, lost income, and other related losses.


However, seeking compensation might be challenged by insurance adjusters, landlords, or others aiming to downplay your claim. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Contacting a burn injury lawyer could help make the process easier and increases the chances of receiving financial compensation.

Experience a burn injury? We can help you receive financial compensation!

Types of Fire and Burn Injury Lawsuits

Various fire and burn injury claims cover a range of incidents, such as:


– Workplace injuries
– Fires in apartment buildings
– Cases involving locked fire exits
– Fires caused by electrical cords
– Injuries from defective products
– Injuries from scalding water and pipes
– Motor vehicle accidents
– Accidents related to electricity
– Truck accidents and tanker explosions
– Fires in recreational settings like hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and nightclubs

What Are The Degrees of Burn Injuries?

Burns are classified into three primary degrees based on their severity:


First-degree burns: They affect only the top layer of skin and are typically less severe, often treatable at home.Person injured and needs a burn injury lawyer.


Second-degree burns: These injuries damage both the top skin layer and the layer beneath, more serious and might need medical attention. Blisters and potential scarring are common with these burns.


Third-degree burns: The most severe, affecting deep skin and tissue layers, potentially leading to nerve damage and often requiring skin grafts.


Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injury cases originating from many types of accidents.


Common causes of burn injuries are:


– Vehicle accidents
– Exposure to harmful chemicals
– Hot liquids
– Building fires
– Instances of nursing home neglect and abuse
– Explosions due to flammable liquids
– Accidents in construction sites
– Defects in products
– Industrial accidents
– Electrical malfunctions


Complications of Burn Injuries

Burn injury patient in hospital. Burns, considered catastrophic injuries, often result in life-altering conditions and disfigurement. The skin plays a vital role in housing blood vessels, regulating body hydration, and temperature. Facial or neck burns may impede employment and social interactions, leading to confidence loss, depression, and anxiety. Psychological assistance is vital for coping with scarring and disfigurement. Deeper burns can affect muscles, bones, and organs.


The following are some of the possible complications as a result of a burn injury:


Infections: Burn injuries are prone to bacterial infections, potentially leading to sepsis—a life-threatening condition, as the damaged skin allows easy entry for infections into the bloodstream.


Dehydration: Extensive skin damage from burns causes fluid loss, leading to dehydration. Complications include urinary and kidney issues, electrolyte-related seizures, low blood volume, and severe drops in blood pressure and oxygen supply.


Hypothermia: Extensive burns can impair the skin’s ability to regulate body temperature, causing dangerously low body temperatures.


Breathing Challenges: Lung and airway scar tissue from burns can result in breathing difficulties due to narrowed airways.


Scarring: Healed burns result in permanent scarring, often leading to physical disfigurement, bone, and joint problems due to scar tissue contraction.


Psychological Impact: Burn injuries, especially facial burns, cause severe disfigurement, leading to chronic pain, health problems, and lasting disability. Psychological effects include depression, nightmares, and flashbacks.


Contractures: Scar tissue tightening over time can cause painful movement and breathing difficulties if it affects the chest.

Have more questions about burn injuries? Talk with a burn injury lawyer today!

How Safe Are You as a Tenant?

Burn injuries commonly occur in apartment or house fires. Landlords must maintain safe properties with proper fire safety measures, yet they may fail to meet these obligations.


When a fire-related injury could have been prevented by the landlord’s adherence to safety codes, they could be held responsible for negligence. Landlord duties typically encompass ensuring well-installed electrical wiring, strategically placed smoke alarms, secure fire escapes, fireproof doors, serviced fire extinguishers, and clear shared escape routes.


Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, though basic, are highly effective safety tools often required by local building codes and provided by landlords.


Even if a fire originates in a tenant’s space, such as the kitchen, the landlord might still bear liability. Specific codes and laws govern landlords’ responsibilities for tenant safety in both public and private housing.


If you or a loved one has suffered a fire-related burn, regardless of fault, seeking legal advice from a burn injury lawyer can help you understand what kind of financial compensation you may be entitled to.

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